Keep Your Customers Up-to-date

Deewan empowers a hassle-free automation process for day-to-day business operations to ensure critical, time-sensitive messages are delivered directly to recipients as quickly as possible.


Getting Started with SMS Alerts & Notifications

Broadcast multiple alert messages to any number of key personnel/customers direct to their mobile phones in a few minutes with the ability to monitor and edit your recipient list with ease

Why SMS Alerts & Notifications?

Our SMS alerts & notifications service will allow you to:

Send alerts directly, quickly and reliably. Send multiple types of alerts and notifications. Ensure timely delivery for all your messages.
Host peer-to-peer communication. Build powerful two-way communication. Send Personalized and scheduled text messages


Our SMS Alerts & Notifications Features

With Deewan SMS alerts & notifications service, you will reach your customer faster and gain your customers’ trust and keep them loyal

Sending Message 24/7

Reach your customers easily anywhere, anytime

Boosting Engagement

By sending alerts for any offers or new products.

Sending SMS Alerts by API

By integrating the SMS with your software using our API.

Getting Instant Feedback

Receive replies on SMS alerts on the platform or your inbox.

Offering Secured Service

Security is our top priority. Keep your customers' data safe.

24/7 Technical Support

Round the clock availability for any unexpected issues.

We guarantee you grow your business and meet all your customers' needs