SMS For Automotive

Enjoy a budget-friendly text messaging service for your garage, auto repair shop, or car dealership to improve communication with your customers and suppliers using SMS.

Save Customers Time

Send SMS for customers who need to repair their cars with their scheduled time for that, to avoid waiting lists.

Increasing Showroom Traffic

By sending SMS which includes new offers and products you have, reaching more customers and connecting with them.

Effective Communication

Gain customers' satisfaction, by sending an SMS reminder for their insurance renewal date or paying an installment.

Keep your automotive business growing more by using SMS messages.

By using Deewan SMS, we are helping you alert your customers with their repair servicing vehicles date and all the services you deliver. Start using SMS services and target maximum customers with minimum expenses.

You can send:

●    SMS reminding your customers of their insurance renewal date.
●    Notifications to inform customers of the availability of any new parts arriving for their cars.
●    Special events invitations.
●    SMS with links for your landing page to promote your website and improve your brand visibility.
●    Feedback questionnaires about services your customers receive.
●    Awareness SMS messages include safety tips they can follow, which help build trust, loyalty, and good relationships with your customers.

And that’s just the beginning.
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