SMS for Courier and Shipping

In Deewan, we make it easy for courier and shipping companies to connect with customers and fulfill their orders smoothly and successfully.

Simplify Logistics

Quickly delegate tasks to drivers, organize shifts, and communicate inventory shortages or deliveries.

Timely Alerts & Notifications

Sending SMS, contain all the details they need to know about their shipments, so they can track in real-time.

Building Trust & Satisfaction

Shipping is a link between companies and their users. We help you build trust with customers to achieve success.

Cost-effective SMS Service to build solid relationships with buyers and sellers

Your business depends on consistently fulfilling orders and delivering the goods, on time and keeping your customers satisfied. Use Deewan platform to deliver notifications, payment reminders, and so much more.

You can send:

●    Links for customers to be able to track their shipment status on your system.
●    Notifications for customers with any updates or delaying in delivering shipment.
●    Invitations to your clients to prompt them to rate your services.
●    Alerts to inform clients with any new services you provide.

And that’s just the beginning.
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