SMS for E-Commerce & Retail

Say goodbye to abandoned carts and welcome to more sales and profits by contacting and retargeting customers with exclusive offers and discounts using personalized SMS.

Skyrocket Your Sales

Reach your target customers with new products, daily offers, and exclusive discounts and push them to visit your store to make successful purchases.

Increase Conversion Rate

Easily integrate Deewan API services into any system/app to send reminders to your customers of their abandoned carts and new products

Streamline Your Activities

Easily integrate Deewan's API SMS solution with your POS system to send automated messages about everything you want to track.

Abandoned carts wasted billions annually, SMS alerts can reduce losses by 70%.

With SMS API integration solutions you can remind your customers of their abandoned carts, receive inventory notifications, payment confirmation messages, and many more alerts about your business. 

You can send:

●    Automate order status and delivery notifications, shipping confirmations, and changes.
●    Discounts, deals, and coupon codes to encourage making more purchases.
●    Delivery and/or return details.
●    Out-of-stock product alerts.
●    Customer surveys

And that’s just the beginning.
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