SMS for Education

Deewan goes beyond simple mass text messaging by offering automated and engaging communication services that help educational institutes communicate throughout the entire process.

Connecting with Parents

Send mass texts or one-on-one individual conversations to remind parents of school closures, meetings, or other dates.

Engaging with Students

Engage today’s students and get feedback from them quickly to decrease truancy and increase student attendance at school activities.

Helping Students Succeed

Help your students succeed by sending them tips and advice about studying, and how to become more successful after graduation.

Make your learning process easy and unique

With Deewan we will help you send all the information and news you want to deliver to your students in an easy way to keep them aware of any updates.

You can send:

●    Instant class cancellations and emergency alerts.
●    School closure notifications.
●    Examination date notifications.
●    Fee payment reminder alerts.
●    Student absence and exam results notifications.
●    Reminders to register for new classes and join the upcoming holidays.
●    Reminders about work deadlines and changes to schedules/timetables, classrooms, etc.

And that’s just the beginning.
Let us show you what Deewan can do