SMS for Healthcare

Ease the healthcare services and offer simple, secure doctor-patient communication by automatically following up with patients, sending appointment text reminders, and communicating with employees effectively.

Streamline Operations

Build easier solutions using the fastest and most reliable communication APIs to manage staff, notifications and more

Improve Service Level

Improve communications by sending patients appointment notifications, test & prescription reminders, tests results, etc

Keep Data Secure

Use two-factor authentication to protect your valuable patients' data and your own clinic data as well.

Streamline internal and external communications

With the use of Deewan, healthcare providers can leverage the power of SMS messages to communicate with the patients quickly and effectively.

You can send:

  • Appointment confirmations, reminders, and changes.
  • Prescriptions, medicines, glasses ready to pick up.
  • Test results once available.
    Notifications about open/closing times for national holidays, etc.
  • Informational purposes – news, alerts, tips, offers, etc.
  • Maintenance and cleaning alerts.
  • Emergency requests, and meeting
  • reminders, and changes to staff shifts.
  • Educational campaigns to raise
  • awareness of certain diseases.

And that’s just the beginning.
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