As Easy as It Looks

A cost-effective, efficient and secure platform to communicate with customers, partners, or employees by sending short and accurate messages

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  • 1. Sign in

  • 2. Compose your Message

  • 3. Position your Brand

  • 4. Send and Deliver

  • 5. Get Message Status


Sign up for your account to start your first SMS campaign with Deewan and see how easy it is to send and receive messages anywhere in KSA

Compose your Message

Select your SMS type and start composing your SMS whether it's a marketing, transactional, or one-time-password message.

Position your Brand

Add your personal touch and use dynamic fields to customize your message and insert a personalized name token & a Call-To-Action URL.

Send and Deliver

Send single or bulk SMS to a predefined group of recipients. It’s as simple as sending an email or SMS from your own mobile phone.

Get Message Status-3

Use the returned SMS ID to track and view the sent message details and get real-time analytics to quickly and accurately collect data.