SMS for Real Estate

Competition in real estate is fierce. Beat it and improve your communication by sending marketing messages that you make sure they are being read by the right people at the right time.

Two-way SMS Messages

Send and receive text-based alerts, reminders, notifications, and invites and allow customers to initiate communication

Budget-Friendly SMS

Send SMS campaigns and get more customers anywhere, paying minimum expenses and achieving maximum results.

Streamlined Operations

Integrate Deewan SMS platform to your software/CRM to send service reminders, notifications, and bulk marketing campaigns.

Modernize your communication ways with clients to sell more

Communicate effectively with tenants, owners, and prospects, build marketing campaigns that cut through to buyers, and connect your systems/apps to manage workflows of staff and contractors.

You can send:

●    Customized ads to interested customers.
●    Appointment confirmation requests and appointment reminders/changes.
●    Reminders of service and repair appointment.
●    New property available – for sale/rent.
●    Updates on status of sale/offers.
●    Details about your events and exhibitions.
●    Advice on housing issues.
●    Thank you messages after the client’s phone call to gain their loyalty and satisfaction.

And that’s just the beginning.
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