Text Messages That Sell

Do you want to reach more customers, increase your sales, and achieve more success? You are just one click away from using the power of SMS marketing.


Make the most of your SMS marketing

SMS is one of the powerful and easy marketing tools to reach and communicate with your audience in no time. Send single or multiple SMS messages with our reliable SMS marketing platform in every corner of the Saudi Arabia.

Why SMS Marketing?

Our SMS marketing service API will help you to:

Send highly optimized SMS. Send sales promotions Boost your sales revenue
Incorporate brand personality Personalize your interactions Acquire more loyal customers


Our SMS Marketing Features

In Deewan we serve you with a streamlined platform for a better connection between you and your customers through:

Nationwide coverage

Reach your customers easily and quickly anywhere in KSA

Competitive rates

Reaching customers with unified rates to all operators in KSA

99.99% service uptime

Highly reliable platform with no interrupted connection

1-year balance validity

Strategize your SMS campaigns throughout the year

Delivery reports

Our highly detailed reports help you improve your SMS campaigns

24/7 technical support

Round the clock availability for any unexpected issues

How to successfully send Targeted SMS?

Understanding your services and the market very well will help you reach potential customers and send the right targeted SMS, by following these points:

  1. Demographics (Like age, gender, …etc.).
  2. Psychographics (Refers to you customer attitude, goals and interests).
  3. Geography (Depends on where your customers live, travel, work etc.).
  4. Behavior (It’s a combination of demographic and psychographic, like purchasing and brand loyalty).

Deewan SMS API service bridges all gaps at efficient cost and effort.


Start targeting your right audience by using SMS marketing campaigns