Affordable SMS Verification Service

Keep your business safe and verify the identity of your customers by sending text messages to their mobiles. Find out how to easily automate the user verification with SMS.

SMS Verification

Make the most of your SMS Verification

Prevent fraud and spam by verifying a real person registration through leveraging short text messages. Deewan SMS verification service stops accounts from being created by bots and can reduce fraud and associated costs

Why SMS Verification?

Almost all businesses are using SMS verification services to verify their customers' identities.

Authenticate RegistrationSending

unique PIN codes for users using your system, applications and social networks for the first time.

Authenticate RegistrationSending

Confirming transactions by asking users for authentication like a one-time password OTP to prevent suspicious activities.

User Reactivation

Users who didn’t use your application for a long time, they’ll need to reactivate their accounts to make sure that they are the same person

Password Reset

It helps you make sure that any customer using his account from a different device is the same person, not another one trying to hack it.

Our SMS Verification Features

By starting using our platform we guarantee you have the following features:

Smooth OTP System

OTP authentication to enhance security and full verification of users' identity.

Automated System

Deewan's system is fully automated, so you don't have to worry about delays.

Customizable Code Length

Customize messages by specifying between 4 to 10 digits for the verification code.

Competitive Pricing

Not only do we have the highest quality service, but we also have an affordable price.

Delivery Reports

Check the status of the messages sent and see the recipient's response instantly.

API Supported

Integrate our platform with your own developed tools. Our API suits everything you need.

Use our reliable platform that enables smooth, secure communication between businesses and their customers