Boost public awareness and connect with the mass by efficiently sharing critical information. From payment reminders for tax and zakat to document issuance notifications, emergency updates, weather alerts, and more, ensure widespread dissemination of important messages.



Deewan goes beyond basic mass text messaging, offering automated communication services for educational institutions. Seamlessly communicate with parents, send payment reminders, exam date notifications, school closures, and more.

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Enhance healthcare services with automated doctor-patient communication. Send appointment reminders, test results, and updates efficiently.

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E-commerce and retails

Boost sales and prevent cart abandonment. Reach out to customers with personalized SMS, including cart reminders, special discounts, order updates, and stock availability notifications.

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Banking and Fintech

Leverage SMS for outstanding banking and financial experiences on mobile. Send mobile marketing, account e-statements, secure login using OTP and 2-factor authentication, and more.

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Real estate

Stand out in real estate by improving communication. Send targeted marketing messages for new properties, maintenance reminders, and customized ads, capturing the right audience's attention at the right time.

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Logistics and delivery

Deewan simplifies connections for courier and shipping companies. Seamlessly engage customers and ensure successful order fulfillment. Share tracking links, shipment updates, and security codes for a seamless shipping experience.



Efficiently communicate with Deewan services for your auto repair shop or car dealership. Elevate your communication with customer through SMS. Share insurance renewal dates, offers, deals, boost showroom traffic, and seamlessly collect feedback through questionnaires.

Use cases

Elevate your department communications with customers using Deewan's innovative products


Marketing and sales

Deewan empowers marketers and sales representatives of all business sizes to progress toward reaching more customers and achieving their goals. Send discount alerts, offer branded experiences, enhance customer loyalty, and broaden your reach with confidence.

Customer Service

Customer service

Elevate customer service with Deewan's solutions. Improve communication and support using any of SMS, Chatbots and Business WhatsApp ensuring timely assistance, resolving inquiries, and enhancing customer satisfaction effortlessly.