Powerful Communications and Unlimited Capabilities
A trusted communication and messaging service provider to send short messages to customers, partners, or employees

Top Features


API Integration

Easily integrate website or software with our secure, fast API that includes a full fledged communication solution that will meet your business needs


Superfast Transmission

A smart, powerful online messaging solution that enables you to quickly and effectively send bulk SMS across all KSA networks


Branded SMS

Display your brand name as the sender of your text messages, so your simple SMS turns into a powerful tool for identifying your brand


Direct-to-carrier Connections

Have a direct connection that increases the reliability, security, and delivery rate of your business text messages


Powerful Control Panel

Easily track, monitor, and check all your activities and campaign performance metrics with the ability to import and export data when needed


OTP System

Protect your users from unauthorized logins to their account by sending alerts and verification passwords within seconds


Multiple Sub-accounts

Give your team members access to all the features with full control over the distribution of messages balance through your main account

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Instant DLR

Track and monitor your messages flow in real-time and get detailed reports on your SMS performance metrics like delivery, reply rates, etc.


Importing Contacts

You can easily import a list of existing contacts in seconds and include additional fields like the name or email for personalized messages


24/7 Support

Get immediate technical support and free professional consultations to solve any unexpected problems


Learn how Deewan can help you grow your business

  • Smart with Personalized SMS

  • Measurable with Delivery Reports

  • Scalable with Local Presence


Send personalized and automated alerts to different types of segments


Validate the identities of your users by verifying the delivery of your messages.


Reach & notify your customers with the latest promotions and offers, on the spot

One tool for all your metrics