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Deewan Bots

Allocate resources efficiently and answer customer queries in real time with the AI-powered chatbots of Deewan Bots.

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Increase in conversion rate
Of businesses generate quality leads via bots
Increase in customer satisfaction

Transforming the customer experience with advanced bots

Deewan Bots covers extensive chatbot and customer engagement use cases to help your business achieve better results with less resources.

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Cognitive Abilities

Deewan Bots are equipped with cognitive technologies that ensure continued improvement and learning.

Multilingual Support

Use Deewan Bots to deploy multilingual bots that can handle customer interactions fluently in a variety of languages.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive technology stacks allow for smarter chatbots on every conversational communication channel.

Multichannel Support

Deewan Bots integrates seamlessly with all main conversational channels to provide customers with answers on their preferred platforms.

Flexible Deployment

The solution can be deployed in on-premise and cloud modes, with comprehensive support and coverage plans.

The impact of Deewan Bots

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Personalized Support

Deewan Bots enables your business to offer personalized support to customers based on profile, context, and the customer’s preferred conversational channel. This will reflect in:

  • Better conversational experiences
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher loyalty and retention
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Real-Time Response

Use Deewan Bots to deploy fluent FAQ (rules-based) and AI-powered chatbots that can handle any customer query any time of the day, any day of the week. This will reflect in:

  • Faster response rates
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased customer loyalty
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Better Tracking

Deewan Bots is equipped with built-in AI analytics tools that generate informative statistical and analytical reports. This supports decision making and improves overall service performance. This will reflect in:

  • Higher data accuracy
  • Stronger personalization
  • Cost optimization

Get started in 3 simple steps!

Sign up for a free account on Deewan’s communication platform and
launched your first campaign in a few minutes.

Step 1


Fill up the registration form and check you inbox for a message from Deewan activating your account.

Step 2


Log into your account and enjoy $5 complimentary credit to try out the platform’s smart campaign settings.

Step 3


Import your contact list into the platform and launch your first campaign via SMS or WhatsApp.

Supporting primary business functions

Marketing and Sales

  • Marketing and promotions
  • New product catalogs

Customer Service

  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Follow ups and reminders
  • Feedback and support


  • Authentications
  • Transaction confirmation
  • Account updates
  • Onboarding
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