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Deewan Omnichannel Chat

Revolutionize your business communications with personalized interactions at every touchpoint, and speak to any conversational app from one dashboard.

Increase in retention with omnichannel engagement
Milliseconds or less transit time
Of customers expect the availability of multiple channels

Improve every aspect of customer engagement

Deewan Omnichannel Chat was developed to serve as the ultimate customer service solution, equipped with tools that address every aspect of customer engagement operations.

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Real Time Communication

Allow your customers to engage with your brand in real-time and receive instant responses via instant messaging.

Automated Responses

Respond to common consumer inquiries automatically utilizing FAQ chatbots or customized rule-based or AI-based chatbots.

Queue Management

Route customer interactions to the right agent or team depending on the availability and the duties assigned.

Analytics & Reporting

Measure and evaluate customer interactions and agent performance to improve customer service.

Integration Capabilities

Integrate the chat platform with customer support systems such as Freshdesk and HubSpot to allow agents to create support requests for clients.

The impact of Deewan Omnichannel Chat

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Improved Customer Service

Provide uninterrupted support using WhatsApp and other communication platforms favored by customers. Allow customers to begin the conversation on their preferred application. This will reflect in:

  • Improved response rates
  • Better customer experience
  • Communication efficiency
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Cultivate New Opportunities

By integrating Deewan Omnichannel Chat into your website and app, you will be able to respond to inquiries, extending customer service, promote products, and create new opportunities. This will reflect in:

  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Better customer service
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Stronger Brand Identity

Design and display your catalog so that potential customers may find exactly what they're looking for. Add calls-to-action for a visual, simple, and secure purchasing experience. This will reflect in:

  • Improved brand recognition
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased customer loyalty

Get started in 3 simple steps!

Sign up for a free account on Deewan’s communication platform and
launched your first campaign in a few minutes.

Step 1


Fill up the registration form and check you inbox for a message from Deewan activating your account.

Step 2


Log into your account and enjoy $5 complimentary credit to try out the platform’s smart campaign settings.

Step 3


Import your contact list into the platform and launch your first campaign via SMS or WhatsApp.

Supporting primary business functions

Marketing and Sales

  • Marketing and promotions
  • Product catalogs

Customer Service

  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Follow ups and reminders
  • Feedback and support


  • Authentications
  • Transaction confirmation
  • Account updates
  • Onboarding
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